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    Hey Everyone,

    I am a little nervous to be on here. I have been into diapers since i was 11 years old, and ive never told anyone about this or had the opportunity to connect with other people like me. I am now 23 and i am really hoping to be able to make some friends here and talk with other people that feel the same way i do. Right now, school has taken over my life. I was a college athlete for 4 years, and now im trying to finish my degree. Hopefully the time i spend on here getting to know everyone will be a nice break from all the homework!

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    Homework can be exhausting huh??
    What are you going for degree wise??

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    Hi, Dish. I hope we are able to provide the support you are looking for. Also, do not be nervous - nearly all of use thought we were alone early in life, before we discovered an online community. Tell us a little about yourself. I'm always looking for new friends.

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    Welcome to ADISC!
    just curious, what sport(s) did you play?

    And it seems today, finding a job after college is as much work, if not more, than being accepted to a great college/ university.

    Anyway, have fun getting to know the whole site and we look forward to you being an active member!

    - Will

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    I played college tennis, and now that my 4 years of eligibiliy are gone, i really miss it. Its difficult to no longer be a part of a team when its something youve been doing your entire life.

    You are right, right now it is tough to get a good job. Im still finishing up my MBA in Finance and considering the possibilities of going on to law school, so i do have some time before i really get going.

    All the best.

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