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Thread: Car wrecks?

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    Default Car wrecks?

    I just got in one three weeks ago. Was more worried about my car then my physical condition. But the car is totaled and i didn't even have it a month. I am now scared to drive in the rain because I hydroplaned into a ditch backwards then my back end hit a tree and i flipped over on my driver's side. The driver's side window busted and all the glass flew up into my side. I climbed out through the back window after a few failed attempts out the passenger door. Not my brightest idea. Anyway Am I the only to total their first car in the first month?

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    One of my friends did it in high school. I will not ride in a car with a driver that is my age. I have to drive.

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    I think being in that car accident a couple of years ago is another reason I am afraid to drive.

    My mom and I were driving somewhere and this lady tries to make an illegal left turn out of a business. She was stopped waiting for the traffic to clear so she could go. Since there was a tractor trailer on our left side, we coulsn't see her. We crashed into her drivers side door going 40 miles an hour. No injuries, but the car was totalled.

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    I hate to say it, but that will tell you something about driving too quick in the rain, any car will do it, and the wider the tires the faster it will leave the road.

    And at 17 you did not have enough experience, with hydroplaneing, I almost spun one when I was about 20, it was a bad rain storm, too fast for conditions, and bald tires on a car I just put an engine in, it spun about half way and strightened out, lucky for me it was a big pontiac with some weight to it, but way too much HP.

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    Hydroplaning is no fun. I did it with my old tires - all 4 were bald. Unlike snow or ice, you just can't save it. Luckily no one was on the road at the time.

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    A year ago, my brother was "offroading" (well thats what he called it) well he went down a hill of wet grass and on the way down near the end of the hill he turned sharply so he wouldnt hit a tree, well the car rolled and flipped twice . The axle broke and luckilly my hand wasnt out the window or it would have smashed my hand. This was in a national park and the park rangers were pretty cool to me and my bro and my brothers friends, they didnt even prosecute us, all we had to do was get the truck out of the park. It was really scary and Im not going off roading with my brothers friends anytime soon.

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    I know newbies can't see this topic until they hit regular but it will at least give ya something to look forward to when you do.

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    I ran up the back on someone just last Friday... I'm currently looking at having to dish out $1000 for repairs.

    You have no idea how incredibly infuriated I am right now and how much I'm raging about it.

    /me keeps these things on the low-down.

    It's not even worth a vent. It'll just make me more upset and unsettled.
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    It's a case of live and learn. If you've experienced hydroplaning (or acquaplaning), you were driving way too fast for the road condition. A driver must adjust her speed to the weather and road conditions, and if you've landed in the roadside ditch, you have obviously failed at that. Be happy to be alive, and next time, drive slower.


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    My cousin managed to roll a car 4 times on some wet leaves on a tight corner. She ended upside down in a crushed car in a field. By all accounts she should be dead. In fact, when she went to the garage she was referred to as 'the living dead'. She got out without a scratch. She just went and got another car.

    I have been in one but been as my age was still measured in months and not years at the time, I can't remember it.

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