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    I've decided to finally stop lurking and start posting... mostly so the site would stop nagging me.

    I'm a DL and fan of goodnites (just got the ones with the new designs).

    As for other interests , I'm into movies manga and am a bit of a gamer and I guess I'll see you all around.

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    That is a cool name. I don't know why but I like it!

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    Hi welcome to adisc. I also like to wear goodnites and I love the new designs. My hobbies are Xbox Live, anime, and listing to muisc.
    Anyways welcome and have a great time making new friends.

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    Hi, I guess I can't say welcome because you've been here a while but congrats on saying hello. what kind of games do you like?

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    Mostly RPGs (ADOM<--anyone here ever play that thing) and Adventure. I've been a Zelda fan my entire life. Though my favorite game would have to be Shadow of the Colossus and just got off a bit of a Europa Universalis3 kick

    Also I've been avoiding Minecraft and WoW because i just don't think i have the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soupy View Post
    I've been avoiding Minecraft ... because i just don't think i have the time.
    It really doesn't eat up as much time as you think it would. Honestly, after you find all your diamond stuff, there's no reason to play adventure mode, and there's not much to do besides make enormous lava pillars in creative mode.

    I mean there's a ton of stuff, I just think it's all boring, lol.

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    Hey, it also took me a long time to finally start posting on here, but im glad i did.

    Also a huge a fan of Goodnites (especially the new ones). Enjoy making some new friends here.

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