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Thread: Idk what to make of this >_>

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    Cool Idk what to make of this >_>

    diaper space suit - lauren fatzinger

    All I can say is.. I want one xD

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    Seems like it might to be hard to get out of when you wanted to change. =p

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    I guess it is all right, but not for me.

    All I can comment is, Have fun going where noone has gone before.

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    Just don't go swimming in it...XD

    Seriously, though, this is pretty cool. I love to see the creativity of artists in action!
    Thanks for posting this to ADISC for us to see!

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    It looks like it'd get awfully hot and uncomfortable :/

    Like, I know my butt gets hot in diapers... I can only imagine my whole body! :p

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    Idk what to make of this >_>

    me too!

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    My caption would be "At last Karen found a solution to the problem of too free perspiration".

    Or "Shucks, These wretched Depends always leak at the head band".

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