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Thread: here is a question, i hope some one can help me with

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    Default here is a question, i hope some one can help me with

    ok i have always had a thing for dragons, and i have been
    AB for ever it seems now. recently i have realized i am a furry or babyfur and of course i am a little dragon named glacero a ice dragon.. ok here is my question, if some furries have collars and stuff like that ,, is there any thing you can think of for a dragon to wear?? just curious

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    Pet dragons are just as welcome to have collars! Plus maybe some form of horn/spiky hairstyle - and wings/tail? Just cut make sure the tail doesn't stop the diaper from working!!!

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    Hmmm, a tricky one.

    Perhaps a harness with pouches?
    Dragons seldom wear clothes so something to put all your things in could be good.

    But then again, such a thing would hardly be inconspicuous.

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    i have this white t shirt,,,, and i took fabric markers and drew this dragon tail on the back soo when i walk around people can see my dragon tail... what you think about that. and those are some good ideas that have been said so far

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    I've seen some really cool dragon wings. Try searching Etsy for some cool dragon wings. I've also seen fleece hats, like the ones you see of foxes and such but of dragons, like they look really cool.

    Dragon Fleece Hat Black with Green Spikes by MoonStoneDesigns

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    those are cool thank you. and it gives me a idea.. for some cool ideas

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    If you are crafty and would like to try building something yourself I recommend taking a look at this video. It's also more satisfying when you build your own pieces

    How to Make Moving Dragon Wings - YouTube

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    thanks that was awesome... and i do want to make my own stuff, it be more fun and like you said more satisfying

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