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    Default Glot-Up?

    I'm new here, so I this in the right section. I have been looking for a pacifier, mainly the nuk 5, but I have seen pictures of the Glot-Up and I'm intrested. Has anyone had any experence with the glot-up or does anyone know where I can buy one? The website explains all about it but I can't find anywhere that sells it. Thanks in-advance.

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    I have not seen one, but this is exactly what I was in search of, over a year ago when I started using pacifiers. See, my AB interest followed my pacifier use, which began as a way to combat Vyvanse induced bruxism. I would grind my teeth so loudly at night it would wake my wife and I of course would wake up in the morning in incredible pain. Thanks for sharing, I shall too begin the search.

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    Default seems to be the cheapest place to buy a Nuk 5. I ordered mine from there last year with now problems. If you are interested in a modified pacifier try Adult Baby Nuk 5 Pacifier (AB) - FREE NUK 5 PACIFIER FOR WEBSITE PURCHASE OVER $100 FOR OCTOBER 2011 - AB UNIVERSE GIFT FOR EVERY ORDER IN OCTOBER 2011! . They are a little pricey in my opinion.

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