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Thread: Hi Im New Here and I Love to Wear Goodnites

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    Default Hi Im New Here and I Love to Wear Goodnites

    Im New My favorite diapers are goodnites and I love to wear them all the time and wet them. I am really happy I found this site and I hope to make new friends here.
    My hobbies are playing on Xbox Live, hanging out with friends, listing to music, skateboard, and playing guitar.
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    Hey matey,

    welcome to the site, I think you'll have a good time here. But besides wearing goodnites, what else brings you joy (hobbies, music, the crazy stuff California is famous for, etc)?

    See you around.

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    We have a GoodNites and pullups group page here!

    Welcome to the site

    And i like diapers and GoodNites also!

    - Will

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    I love goodnites. Welcome to ADISC, im sure your'll make new friends here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoofyBenjamin View Post
    Welcome what are your other interests.
    I dont really have any others really.

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    Saddening, not that you dont have more interests but because you can actually get quotes to work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrinklyGoodnitesBoy View Post
    I dont really have any others really.
    Hey CGNB, would you have any interests in, say, Bambinos, or maybe "footy sleepers", to enjoy on a crisp, chilly night?

    Many of us love to go places and travel, How about you? Where would you want to go if you could win a trip to go to any national park, or any city, or stadium, or beach, mountain, etc?

    [thoughts:] Personally, I think travel is an "escape" from the rat race, and for me, wearing diapers and just being a kid again (the simple life) and chilling is also a "escape"!
    (And nostalgia and convienence that I dont need to get up to pee, I can pee anytime and anywhere if I'm well-padded!).

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    Hello,welcome to adisc.

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    what music do you listen to.

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