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Thread: Just Put Skyrim into my Xbox!

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    Default Just Put Skyrim into my Xbox!

    alcohol? check.
    munchums? check.
    skyrim map? check.
    diapers? check.

    other than my fifa tourney tomorrow and classes mon-thurs I have a feeling that nobody will see me for a very long time.

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    Ugh...haven't been looking forward to this game. Oblivion was so much simpler and more generic than Morrowind, and I think Skyrim looks even worse.

    Maybe you'll prove me wrong? Keep us posted, please!

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    Skyrim is AMAZING. I have it on my PC and am currently running it at the max graphics. I don't like the HUD that much, and there is a glitch where you can't take Flame off of your left hand unless you do it in the Magic menu.

    Also, they took out haggling and stuff like that, but Lockpicking is MUCH harder and fewer places have bosses that go by level, so you can't just explore everything at level 1. All in all, Skyrim is amazing.

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    I'll get skyrim at some point, but im on a 8800GT GPU. I know it can likely play skyrim since it's run BF3 on low so far. Now bethesda needs to get Game of Thrones licensing and make a great game for that "universe".

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    This is gonna be the first Elder Scrolls game that I find myself without either a console, or a PC that is capable... so naturally I'm upset

    Looks amazing, but I'm worried about the class-less system...I wanna be an Assassin

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    I'm seriously thinking of upgrading my laptop just so i can play this game, but i also think maybe i should just get a ps3... I really liked oblivion and spent hours and hours on it !

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    My brother bought me the ps3 version for my birthday. It's sooo pretty lol I spent my first hour chasing and catching fireflys :-p

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    I bought it today. I haven't played it yet though.... Stupid homework..... *mutters unintelligibly*

    It's not fair! I want to play it sooooo bad!

    I like the map though. =D

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    I played it for 6 hours non-stop today. It was intense.

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