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    In keeping with the 'how-to' on these...

    I'm male, college educated, and currently employed in middle management. I am a DL. I am also deeply afraid of being 'found out' somehow in real life. I am glad you all don't expect age or location.

    As for my other interests. I'm happily married with a family. I'm a computer geek / gamer. I have dogs. Right now I am trying to sell a house (yeah, yeah, bad timing...)

    I first found this site while looking for stories. For me, the internet is a place to find other like-minded people which having less risk of mainstream society judging you harshly for being different.

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    Hello Rathlar!

    Welcome to ADISC! I see you are also a geek. Have you seen the ridiculous spike in prices of hardrives this week? It literally happened over night. A 1TB hardrive that sold on NewEgg for about $70 is now almost $200! People don't realize how natural disasters across the world can affect us here in the US. Anyways, we have a subforum here for gamers and computer geeks, you might feel right at home.

    Do you have any other intrests in hobbies? Let us know a little more about yourself, we'd love to get to know you around here

    Hope to see you around,


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