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Thread: first pack of abena m4s

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    Well today i just got my first pack of the diapers in the mail. I just have to say wow from looking at them only online for years then to holding them in my hand its like i am a kid in a candy store. They feel soft an thick its like i would have to take 3 of my store bought ones to come close to how thes are. I have not put one on yet but will very soon. They say once you get your first pack from online you never go back to store brand well i have to say thats very true.

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    I remember when I first ordered online, and it was awesome to finally have good diapers. Enjoy! ^_^

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    Oh yes i plan to have fun an injoy thes an going to see how long i can stay in one an see how thick it can get. I love the feeling of a full wet diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billythemountain View Post
    It's true. Store brands are dead to me now. Have fun!
    What's a store brand diaper? (sarcasm hehe)

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    Lol ya thats what i think now to about store diapers. So happy i went an got thes wont ever go back now i going to buy by the case now an stock up on them

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    well store brand have there place like in a emergency.. if you run out and it will be a week or so before you can get your online stash.

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    Ya that they do have a use. I use walgreens diapers if i run out of the good ones thats what i was using untill i got the good diapers. But i hope i dont run low

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    Store bought diapers also make good stuffers / doublers. Put one of those one, then put your premium on over that. I would assume that a pack of store bought adult diapers are close to the cost of premium booster pads.

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