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    hey everybody. its the new guy. i'm pretty familiar with the v bulletin forum system so i probably wont get lost. i highly enjoy biking and everthing bmx related. i've been really feeling dubstep for my music lately. although i always have soft spot for ska (reel big fish, less than jake...) i love caring for everybody. i'm a bit of a hippy so as you might guess i like to indulge in the ganj every once in a while. nothing harder than that though. heck i dont even drink often (too many bad experiances so i'm on the daddy side of the spectrum when it comes to diaper play but i'll indulge in being babied once in a while. i'm single right now [Removed]
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    Hey, if you have a bike, why are you hanging out in loserville? In fact they should have evicted you already because cool stuff isn't allowed in loserville.

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    its easy to be awsome here. just not much to do. it just started snowing yesterday so i cant bike and i'm all out of money and diapers.

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