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    I am a sissy baby. I love to dress up in dresses, especially Disney Princess. I also love to wear diapers and I do so often. I have had this feeling ever since my sister forced me to play dress up with her when I was 6.

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    Hi, Cinderellalover. Welcome to ADISC. Lucky you, having a sister to ' force ' you to play dress-up. I wish I had been so fortunate. Anyway, what are some of your other interests ? Any hobbies ? Favorite books, authors, games, music genre and favorite groups ? We want to get to know all of our new members better. Would you please tell us a little bit more about yourself ?

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    Hi im Ben, nice to meet you. you'll like it here we dont bite ( I will if you want or the furies ) but tell us your hobbies.

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    WELCOME. Yes please tell us more about you. What do you like to do? Sports, computers, ship in bottle, coin collecting, or (my favorite) MINECRAFT?

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    My favorite hobbies are running, and video games. My favorite book series is the Inheritance. My favorite video game is Starcraft, and I dont listen to one specific genre of music

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