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Thread: Hi everybody, another one has arrived ;- )

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    Default Hi everybody, another one has arrived ;- )

    Hello guys ;- )

    Hmm how to introduce myself in the best way ?
    Hmm I'm a typical "nerd" .. in detail I am a Chemist ^.^ with interests in Medicine. In 2 years I'll start to study it.

    Please dont mind my bad english, it's not my main language

    hmm what else can i tell you about me?
    Maybe that i can code in C#, I finished a Version of Tetris two days ago..

    I joined this site to talk with some other my-age-persons about being TB or something like that...
    I like the spirit of this site that "diapers doesnt rules our lives" (i hope so) and I think this one differents it from other sites...

    Okay ^^ enough from myself,
    best greetings,

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    Hi im ben i'll be heading into college in two years for either chem or biology then med school... hopefully its a lot of schooling and a lot of student lones. This site has diaper stuff, but theres also so much more. I hope you have a good time.

    Benjamin J.

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