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Thread: Black Friday AB DL sale

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    Default Black Friday AB DL sale

    Does anyone know if there are any black Friday AB DL sales?

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    There never have been from what I see. Also black friday sales such as 250 dollar 55 inch plasma sony TVs are what stores use to lure people in. So many people show up that unless your the maybe 1-20 people you won't get a amazing deal. After that most people shop lesser big ticket "sales". Sometimes buying stuff on black friday is just as expensive if not more then any other given day.

    With AB/DL stuff or diapers there's no need to have sales. AB/DL is VERY niche products (this includes bambinos) and diapers are necessity's.

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    I wish there was a sale of like diapers and binkis and plushies that would just be perfect.

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    I think ABuniverse has done a coupon deal for black friday in the past. Something like 15% your entire order before tax and shipping is all, but it was a deal nonetheless.

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