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    Default Hi guys

    hi there, I'm an ABDL or whatever from Germany. I'm looking forward to meet people on this forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sleep View Post
    I'm an ABDL or whatever...
    Or whatever?
    So you could be a hippopotamus? Or a bicycle? Or a perfume?
    You're either an ABDL or you aren't, no?

    I like you already, just on the basis of your username. It is by far my most favourite thing to do in the world.

    Why not tell us a little more about yourself like hobbies, work, other interests?

    Welcome here - have fun!

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    Hey superman,

    I don't like that categories because sometimes it's hard to say what I am. Sometimes I'm a AB, than more a DL and sometimes I'd like to be a big bro or a babysitter. I don't want to fix it. I don't like to talk much about my everyday life. That's the outside world. If I put on some diapies I'll slip into the inside world, a safe and warm place where I can relax or fullfill nasty desires. A dream world, that's the reason for my name.

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