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Thread: Boots StayDry

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    Default Boots StayDry

    has anyone actually tried this brand of diaper? and if so are they any good?

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    I have heard/seen them, they look very similar to the poise brand the tescos used to sell, from experience they are only designed to deal with light incontinence, meaning you may get 1 good wetting out of them. I havent personaly tried them.

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    They're rubbish. The tapes are cheap, they have a cruddy cloth covered outside, they don't absorb much, and they're not particularly comfortable. I was hugely disappointed. In the UK, your best bet is to buy online.

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    a lot more boots stores now sell the depends brand. It used to be only the very large ones. Try depends, I know theyr kinda crappy, but the best you'l get in the shops here.

    Either that or large drynites

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    Quote Originally Posted by fastandfurious483 View Post
    never heard of em
    That's since Boots is a drug store located only in Europe or maybe just the UK. Your in Texas, not anywhere close to a boots store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Confusion
    aint the depends pull ups?
    From my experience, yes.

    If you want Boots Stay Dry you have a number of things to consider. For one they have a one size fits all 52" waist. It is difficult for me to tighten one and at the moment my waist is somewhere between 34 and 36". Also the tapes suck and even if you get it tight it won't stay so.

    Also, when I had them it took two good wettings. However, the leg guards are temperamental and brake easily. Normally they are going to leak even during the first one because the leg guards have broken. So while they can take a surprising amount, and they swell up quite nicely, you have to be very careful with them or they will leak before you get anywhere near capacity.

    Finally, they are very difficult to find. I have been to the biggest Boots I could find in Birmingham (well, bigger than that, the whole West Midlands Conurbation) and they didn't have them. I have been to Boots looking for them four times and only found them once over all of these trips. So if you go out to get them, you might not find them and then you'll either have to get nothing or get some Drynites or adult pull up ones.

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    I've tried 'em before. I'm sure they have the potential to be a pretty reasonable diaper if it wasn't for the fact that they're so bloody huge. They're really not designed for someone with a youthful, slender build.

    Sorry man.

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