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Thread: An informal poll, if you will.

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    Default An informal poll, if you will.

    1.Any of various economic and political philosophies that support social equality, collective decision-making, distribution of income based on contribution and public ownership of productive capital and natural resources, as advocated by socialists.
    2.The socialist political philosophies as a group, including Marxism, libertarian socialism, democratic socialism, and social democracy.
    3.(Leninism) The intermediate phase of social development between capitalism and full communism. This is a strategy whereby the state has control of all key resource-producing industries and manages most aspects of the economy, in contrast to laissez faire capitalism.

    Hiya folks, my name's plenka but you can call me Patrick for short. I have a question for you and it's two parts. Here it is: a) Do you think we are marching towards becoming a socialist nation? And if you believe that we are, then b) Is this march being led by the will of the federal government, or by the will of the people?

    My intent is to throw out sort of a social barometer... I just want to see what regular people whom I may not know personally may have to say. I'm asking specifically of the United States but anyone living in any other country, feel free to reply if you wish. My intent is not to argue or criticize anyone's response. I just want to know what you think. Thanks in advance.

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    The United States isn't close to turning into a socialist government. Even the fairly "liberal" (to categorize) policies that are called socialism aren't even getting close to actual socialistic ideas. For one, our income distribution is so far out of wack, Nor does the state own really any of the key companies (if they start taking over Energy companies, or oil companies then it may be a move more towards socialism). I'd argue we are at the very least, if there was such a scale, probably center right at best, though it feels like we keep slipping to more of an authoritarian government every year (no matter who is in congress or the white house).

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    Of late, ( meaning the last 20 years ) those who comprise the Federal goverment, don't really care what the ' will of the people ' is, they do as they want.

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    inb4 all the non-Americans see this topic and fall over laughing.

    America is so far right politically compared to the rest of the first world that our "liberal" party would have a hard time winning seats as conservatives in other countries. America has been on a only slightly punctuated march rightward for the past 3 decades, and no, the current White House is not reversing that trend.

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    To make a complex answer short, sweet and to the point: I do not think that the United States is a socialist country. However, of any movement made one way or the other,,,, I'd say it has been slipping in that direction. How long till it is full blown is probably anybody's guess.

    My reason for thinking: any time a government assumes more and more control over areas it has no business dabbling in, and the people do nothing to prevent it,,,then yes, you will have movement in that general direction.

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    I'll add to that as well. The social programs that we have such as social security are there because the people want them. Even though conservatives complain that we are moving toward socialism, and the common public seems to vote for them, thinking social democracy is a bad thing, they are adamant about preserving their social security check and medicare. As a society, we have a responsibility to take care of those in need. The challenge comes in separating those who are truly needy from those who are lazy and know how to work the system.

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    I'm not from the US so I cannot judge US politics in detail. But as the fruitcake said, its laughable to think current US politics on any level have anything to do with socialism. People who claim that don't know what socialism is. I come from an former east European country behind the Iron curtain, and that was a complete different world. Not even politics in China, led by a communist party, have to do much with socialism/communism anymore.


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    Are we becoming a socialist country? Only in my dreams.

    In reality, this country's marching toward becoming even more of a laissez-faire exploitative impoverished hell-hole each and every day. The few social welfare programs that we have are under constant attack from one political party and are completely open to "bi-partisan compromise" by the other, but really, our social "safety net" is pretty small and threadbare. Hell, even the "socialist" Obamacare was just a giant giveaway to big insurance corporations with a few crumbs for actual people. We have a sickening amount of the country's wealth accumulated into the hands of one percent of the population, while at the same time we have corporate forces and conservative governmental forces simultaneously attacking what little earning capability the proletariat has left.

    Capitalism, when left alone, is ultimately unsustainable and self-destructive, and the United States keeps firmly recommitting itself to that path.

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    I'll keep it short and say that i agree with the general feeling of the people on this thread. However i will also say that your results will be skewed because the average person in america probably doesn't even know what Socialism means. Only the small percentage willing to do there own research are going to reply to this.

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