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Thread: Hello everyone!

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    Default Hello everyone!

    Wow so I decided to take the big step (according to me) to introduce myself here. Never told anyone about what I'm into so maybe this will be like therapy

    One of the reasons I joined this forum is because I believe I could learn more about myself by learning more about AB/DL.

    I havn't really been "practicing" my fetish or whatever you wan't to call it since a few year(s) back. I guess it's because it isn't easy hiding diapers and pacifiers around the house while you still live at home, and also because I can't really say that I'm proud of what I am, still I've come to accept it

    I can recall my first memory when I was about 6 years old and felt a strong need for diapers and especially pacifiers
    My family had a cottage back then and one day I saw a pacifier lying on a drawer and I felt this strange need to pick it up and start sucking on it. Ofcourse I got caught by my parents and they said that I should spit it out rightaway and that it was unhygienic. That is how it all started xD

    In my spare time I play in a band, I'M A GUITAR GOD! no not really, just making alot of noice also like drawing alot and pretty much anything that is creative

    THat's all from me I guess, Cheers!

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    Hi OIB
    welcome to ADISC!

    Nice to see you like playing guitar, theres LOTS of other guitar-playing DLs here as well.

    Have you had a chance to wear any diapers this year?

    - Will

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    Hey there Welcome to the wonderful and friendly place that is ADISC.

    After reading your intro I can't help but wonder what kind of music you play? I too play guitar in a band and love making a bit of noise

    hope you like it here.


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    What do you mean you aren't proud? You have joined a rapidly growing army of diaper wearing warriors that will one day rule the world! Your position in the new world order is gaurunteed!

    Haha... no really though welcome to ADISC I love the guitar! I can play it on expert, still having trouble with through the fire and flames though... >.>

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