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Thread: How and why i wear diapers

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    Default How and why i wear diapers

    Sometime i read on this forum thread about why to wear diapers.

    Today i want tell to everyone why i do it and how.

    I wear diapers only in the winter, at evening i shower after a workday, put the ointment/talc on my butt and wear a new diaper, after i go to bed.
    I like to feel the diaper on me, it relax me. I dont' mess or wet, just wear.
    When i wake up i dress up and go to work, during the worktime i touch the borders of my diaper inside my clothes. It relax me, make me calm and relaxed. I like the sensations of diaper on my skin. At home, after the workday i do a shower and so on...

    During the summer i don't wear diapers, too hot for me. Sometime in summer i mess/wet them but very very rarely.

    I have a confidence rapport with my diapers, as relax and relaxing system...and i love it.

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    Interesting. Thanks for sharing Kamen. I wear diapers cause I love the feel of the material against my skin. I do wet my diapers on a regular basis. I don't mess though. I haven't gotten to that part yet. I only wear at home right now and around my apt complex. But again thanks for sharing.

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    This subject is already covered in this thread so I'll close this instance of it and direct the discussion there.

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