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    Would anyone who understands these things care to explain to me why me, amongst many people out there, enjoys humiliation? In this case, Diaper Humiliation? By all accounts, it shouldn't be something that anyone should like. So where does this urge come from and why is it enjoyable? That also goes for liking punishment stuff as well.

    The deeper and more thorough the answer the better. I want to understand the psychology behind this. I'm really curious.

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    Shame is closely linked to fear - and fear evokes most of the same areas of arousal in the brain. It's why we are drawn to horror films.

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    I think like infantalism or bondage or really any fetish in general, there are probably many different explanations that are correct in some regard or in some circumstance.

    Could have been something random early on in your life that caused your brain to hiccup and re-wire itself. It's theorized that foot fetishes are so prevalent because as babies we see a lot of feet.

    Could be a tie in with the fear response area of the brain... just as bondage can be (supposedly most people get something from being helpless or afraid, it's just a matter of degree).

    Could be due to experiences later in life.

    OR it could just be completely random!

    Personally I led a relatively normal life and had a very good upbringing with no abuse .. nothing I can think of that would trigger my interest in bondage, humiliation, or diapers.

    It's interesting stuff to think about, but I wouldn't stress out over it too much. It is what it is, you are definitely not alone, and life is too short to question the stuff that makes you happy (long as its not self destructive)!

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    Oh for sure, I'm not stressing about it in the least. I just like to more educated on things when and if I can. Especially when it comes to things that I claim that I like. Also, in the off chance that someone asks, I have a smart answer.
    That is all. : ) I enjoy being well informed and educated.

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    I am in search for the answer to this myself, because that is what I am into. The one response I read said that it has to do with the part of the brain being used for those types of emotions and also for arousal, as I am not sure, but that does sound like it makes sense to me. Like I said I am also searching for the answer to find out what the hell is wrong with me, I know it is definitely not normal to be this way, but then again, who is normal? Also in the other response it they said to just go with it at long as it doesnt cause you harm, well that is my problem, I am afraid these fantasies will cause harm to me, by harm to my name if it ever gets out, as I have a fantasy of sending a picture of me in a diaper to a woman I know, and am pretty sure that she would tremendously humiliate me by sending the photo to everyone, but this is what I want in my fantasy, but in real life absolutely not. In aroused states I have almost sent her this pic several times and am afraid one of these aroused times I will actually send the pic, which I know would be detrimental to my reputation. The only reasoning I can come up with so far for being like this is that it puts you in a vulnerable state where you are not in control, it takes you back to when you were a child and did not have to make your own decisions, someone else made the decisions for you, but that is about all I have right now, but am really hoping I learn more about this, this is why I joined this site to share thoughts and maybe get some answers and help get my fantasies under control and make me accept them better. I was diaper punished as a toddler, with spanking and diapers, but I think a lot of toddlers probably were, but I never was diaper punished in my older years, I was threatened to be diaper punished around 10 but it didnt happen, and was terrified at the time, but now fantasize about that point in time thinking if I could go back I would have got the punishment by continuing to poop myself. The one thing I know as of right now, when I fantasize about diaper punishment I do not have another worry or concern in the world.

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    One thing I have come to understand, is that, quite often, what arouses me in my dreams/fantasies I realize I actually DONT want them in reality, at least in most situations. Reason being is, in your dreams and fantasies, you can have everything you could possible want to have happen to you knowing full well that there will be no negative consequences. Because it's not real. So when you are in that state, you are thinking to yourself, "man..I would so LOVE for this to happen to me in real life" but when you come back to reality...your brain tells you " hold up, you actually very much WOULD NOT like this to happen to you, for X many reasons" Then you feel disillusioned.

    This is the sad fact about fantasies. most of them do not work in reality without MAJOR negative repercussions. Sadly, we do not live in the age of Star Trek Holodecks. I can only imagine how amazing that would be. Alas, it is not possible at this time. Still, I am wanting to know more about where these odd arousal's stem from and why. If the answer can't be found here, then I will have to do a lot more external research. I know there is more to it than the basic answers we have come to assume. There is some major scientific and deeply psychological reasons behind it too. I also don't want to have to spend money hiring a psychologist to find this out either. So..I will have to expand my sources.

    It is fun to speculate though. I just need to know more. A lot more.

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