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    Found something interesting on ebay. Not that bad of a price and I know people are always looking for them. I also inluded a link to the new walmart overalls which are in stores now.

    NEW DISNEY SHORTALLS LARGE L DENIM BLUE SHORTS ADULT BABY | eBay Dickies - Big Men's Stonewashed Bib Overalls, Loose Fit: Men's Big & Tall

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    eBay is AMAZING for stuff like that. I have gotten some wonderful shortalls online. Some of them even have really cute embroidery. I found one pair that's just a plain fronted one (no pockets or fly) and put a Disney princess patch on the front. Amazing cool finds.

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    I know there's a company which sells women's shortalls. You can find them on line by inquiring shortalls. The best I've seen have been sewn by "Very Special Clothes". She advertises her line on Ebay. She takes bib overalls, cuts them off and puts snaps in the crotch. They're the most genuine shortalls I've seen, but when they've gone to bid, the price has always gone up to $200, too rich for my blood.

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    There's also Pointer Brand Pointer Brand Bib Overalls & Jeans | Denim Jeans which have plain, simple, traditional and adorable shortalls, in my view (A)

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    i have dome short alls with you guessed it ... dragons on them,, i had it made for me ,, but i cant wear them out in public ,, only around the house ,, or to a AB convention

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    Excellent! I've been looking awhile now for Overalls I can but locally...Wal-Mart is great

    And I really really want Shortalls, but $52.00+Shipping is beyond me atm...especially for something that I can't wear in public...

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