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    Hi guys, I'm a high school student who doesn't have much experience in diapers. So, I'll probably be taking instead of giving to this site. (At least for now )

    I like running on my school team and programing when I'm not hanging out and playing video games with my friends.

    None of my friends are into diapers, so I need some friends that are just like me!

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    We're a quiet bunch today, I see.

    Welcome aboard, FriedTurkey! (What a seasonally-appropriate American username! ) Don't worry about "taking." Of course, it's great to share what experiences you can, but there's a lot of information for the newcomer here in the form of how-to's and other articles, and they're meant to be "taken."

    Good to have another coder aboard. I'm a software engineer by day. My wife coaches a marathon running group, and I occasionally join her for that (if it's not raining too hard!). As for video games, I'm a retro-gamer. I bought a Wii just for the Virtual Console, and my PS3 is for playing Blu-rays.

    Enjoy ADISC! Despite having been a DL for most of 30 years, I became part of the ABDL community only very recently (July!). Never thought I needed the support, but I can scarcely imagine being without it now. It is definitely an added release to talk with other people who share this uncommon interest.

    Very best!

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    Hi FT
    Welcome to ADISC.

    I hope you ahve fun getting to explore the whole site and making friends here.

    Just curious, what did you become a DL? Or what sparked the interest?

    - Will

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