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Thread: You can cure ONE thing, what would it be?

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    Default You can cure ONE thing, what would it be?

    Say for instance right now at this very second you can totally, completely cure one medical condition and wipe it from future existence. Which would you chose to cure?

    For me, I would say nut (peanuts included) allergies. Mainly since I think some are very tasty and some people have very serious allergic reactions to them. Plus if people can't enjoy pistachos, walnuts, almonds, cashews, peanuts, etc. Well, that just plain sucks.

    Figure a lot are going to say cancer, but IMHO there's a shit ton of research being done on that. I would kind f be surprised if we can't find a cure at some point.

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    The lies that we tell our self's, to get us through the day.

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    My dad died to brain cancer and many other people every year pass away to one form of it or another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chanch0 View Post

    I second this notion.

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    I would've said Stupidity--yes I consider it a medical condition!--but Locke beat me to it.

    And by the way CONSPIRACY. They already have a cure for cancer, they just don't want to release it yet, because they make so much money off of current treatments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Locke View Post
    curing this would cure everything else eventually.

    this was also the very first thing i thought of.

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