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Thread: New bambino or dry 24 7

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    Default New bambino or dry 24 7

    Just wana know which one people think is better to help me with future diaper purchases thank you !

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    You could try a sample pack of each and see for yourself. Like all diapers, some people will prefere one while others prefer another.

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    I personally prefer the new Bambino, I was always a huge fan of the Dry 24/7 but the new Bambinos are much more comfortable and swell even more than the Dry 24/7. They don't seem to be nearly as uncomfortably hot especially when wet. My only issue with them is that the tapes are a little hit or miss, where the first sample the tape tabs came right off the diaper. I contacted Bambino and they sent me another sample free of charge and these seem to be fine.

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