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Thread: good anime?

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    Default good anime?

    I'm guessing this forum's been done, but I'm just curious to those of you who watch anime, what you like?
    I have seen Last Exile, spice and wolf, wolve's rain, and fruit's basket. so, I'm just wondering if any of you know of anything similar, or even not so similar but is still fun to watch?


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    I love hetalia the stereo types and country identification thing has been a joke between me and my friends for years when we saw it the first time we were hooked.

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    Haven't seen any of those ones, so I'll just give a few that I liked:

    • Code Geass
    • Neon Genesis Evangelion
    • Death Note
    • .hack//sign

    Neon Genesis Evangelion is pretty much just a progression of "It Gets Worse" so it mightn't be for everyone.

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    -Dragon Ball Z
    -Death Note
    -Hikaru no Go
    -Ruroni Kenshin
    -Yu Yu Hakusho
    -Zatch Bell
    -Best Student Council
    -Baka no Test
    -Spice and Wolf

    There are others but that's a good list for now.

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    I am a huge fan of The Prince of Tennis, and it seems like everyone ive talked to about it absolutely hates it.

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    If you like Fruits Basket, you might also like Ouran High School Host Club, that is, if I'm remembering Fruits Basket correctly. Sailor Moon is totally old school; if you're never seen it, you should at least watch a few episodes.

    But neither of those are really my thang; I'd recommend:

    Gundam Wing
    Big O
    Cowboy Bebop
    Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
    Ruruoni Kenshin

    ...and at some point I've been meaning to see Afro Samurai, so that's worth mentioning, too.

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    definitely recommend code geass. i had never watched an anime before that, and it made me go :O every episode.

    now to shake this newfound addiction... o.O

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    I'd recommend
    angel beats
    DN angel
    and I'm currently watching Ao No Exorcist

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    A few I've liked include:
    -Ao no Exorcist
    -Code Geass and Code Geass R2
    -Rosario+Vampire and Rosario+Vampire Capu 2
    -Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
    -Seto no Hanayome(My Bride is a Mermaid)
    -Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (This one get's a BIT twisted... But I still liked it :P)

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    I think puella magi madoka magica is one of the greatest anime i have seen in a while, and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is simply awesome. Wolves Rain is my fav but you have already seen it.

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