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    First of all i Apologize for a spartan introduction. I'm a programmer in the northeast USA. I'm here because life changes bring me. My username is an obscure Science Fiction reference. Thats all I feel like sharing at the momemt


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    Hi BrownHatchling!
    Welcome to the site! I admit, you make me think of zergs in Starcraft... but i'm guessing that's not what you are referring to. But they are a tough force to be reckoned with, nontheless. Feel free to share as you go, but maybe include some activities that you enjoy, or even just your favorite color, so we know more about you? Regardless, welcome!

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    ... Favorite Color silver, activities Food (growing it, cooking it eating it, commenting on said), Reading (History, Sci-Fi ), Computer Programing. As for StarCraft no wrong decade. Think of 70s sci-fi paperbacks.

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    All I can think of is the Dragon's of Pern.... which is a good series too. I found Star Hatchling? I love sci fi, so I will be checking it out Ender's game is one of my favorites. That is great that you grow your own food! We all should be doing that, to some extent. I really would like to grow herbs, so they're fresh.

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