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Thread: Help Moding UnderJams Please

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    Default Help Moding UnderJams Please

    I bought xl underjams off of ebay and Im pretty slender... 5'10; 140 lb; 28- 29" Waist. However the sides rip within 15 minutes or so. I did modify 1 of them with saran wrap taped and stapled to the sides in order to allow for a larger waist size. This worked to an extent but it was very time consuming and after 2 hrs, the rubber sides had significant tearing and where about to break.

    I like the underjams diaper because of how thick it becomes after it becomes wet. The Jell density is much greater than goodnites.

    Does anyone have any modding suggestions? Is there a simple way to combine them with regular underwear?
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    try taping the sides or just using them as a stuffer inside underwear

    Or maybe try taking the sides off of a goodnite and attaching them to a underjam?

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    The best trick is to wear them inside of a goodnites or tight underwear, this keep it up in place and the sides are not ripping off so quickly, another trick, take the time to stretch them before putting them on, once they are pre-stretched, the sides seems to old it better, I'm around 40" waist and can still squeeze in them (usually used like a stuffer inside a goodnites) I like them so much.

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    I tried wearing one inside of some tight underarmor shorts I have for running. It wasnt tight enough though. I was thinking of buying some boxer briefs instead of the regular boxers I usually wear.. that or some "tighty whiteys" maybe they'd work better.. If only Pampers would make a larger version...

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    Just use brown parcel tape or very stick grey gaff tape which is sure to keep the sides together

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    Quote Originally Posted by changeme View Post
    Just use brown parcel tape or very stick grey gaff tape which is sure to keep the sides together
    I use the clear stuff with success, but I'm not sure how well it would stick to a cloth-backed diaper. I've only used it on plastic-backed ones. Underjams are cloth-backed.

    My thought was to cannibalize a pair of tight-fitting briefs by cutting out the crotch. Then use the remaining material as a sort-of belt.

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