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    Not sure where I could put this, so ill stick it here. Is there such thing as feeling too disconnected from people? What im about to explain certainly isn't aimed at anyone by the way, it's just a question that is bugging me.

    I pretty much live in a world all by myself >.> that is, I don't really take time to concern myself with too many people. Ive always got either a new idea for songs or music in my head, or something to write about, even when it's something important liikkee work.

    I seriously can't focus on anything BUT expression I guess, that any there's the fact that Im terrible at dealing with people. Give me a keyboard and i mfine! Or if ive known you for a few months, but im just not comfortable around people otherwise, hence why I typically stick to my circle. Even then I feel left out at times, because I really don't have anything to discuss in normal conversation I guess.

    I really don't want to sound like im venting, although I am, but I really can't pinpoint what's wrong with me >.< Sorry to use the forums as such. Anyone else incredibly left-brained ever feel this way? This is just one of those nights I tend to reflect.

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    Sounds like introversion to me. There's nothing wrong that, mind you; I'm extremely introverted myself.

    There's thousands and thousands of pages of material on what introversion vice extroversion really means, so I won't get into it.

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    Well, im glad then im not alone as always when I learn something new lol.

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