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Thread: Where can I get a fursuit?

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    Default Where can I get a fursuit?

    Where do you get a fursuit or do you make them yourself?

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    well you can have some make one for you or you can do your own a good place to start is use some one that is well known and some one you can trust and never pay all up front some can rip you some fursuits can cost up to 3000.00 so it,s how much you can my head for 450.oo.But i,m making the rest. took 3 days to make the feet.
    hope this helps check out live journal they have lots of info in fursuits

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    If you google fursuit makers, you should get plenty of results. The maker you choose depends in which style of fursuit you want. Some makers I can think of off the top of my head are:
    Luskwood Creatures
    One Fur All
    Beastcub (freaking expensive)
    If you go on FA there are ads for fursuit makers all the time, and when somebody posts a pic of their suit they sometimes give credit to the maker in the picture description.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThomasHuskyMuffin View Post
    Some makers I can think of off the top of my head are:
    Luskwood Creatures
    Unfortunately luskwood creatures closed down about 2 years back, however there are plenty of other fursuit builders out there.

    For a basic full suit you'd be looking at anywhere up to $3K for the best known makers, though I will say that going for the big (so called) "brand name" studios for it doesn't necessarily guarantee the highest quality. There is a very apt saying amongst experienced suiters: "You can have a cheap fursuit, or an amazing fursuit, the two are mutually exclusive"

    The price is usually dependent on the how well known the maker is, the quality of materials used and the final quality according to the maker's skill levels. Realistic ones tend to be more expensive than toony ones, simply because realistic ones tend to use taxidermy parts for things such as eyes and jaws.

    Its always a good idea to be wary of any claiming to use fun fur, there are some exceptions where it's luxury fur mislabled by suppliers as fun fur, however for the most part it's of a very low quality and tacky looking, usually of the same quality as stuffed animals you get in claw machines in arcades.

    For a quality suit, whether it be a partial, 3/4 or full suit, look to be spending at least $400 for a partial or $900 for a full suit, anything lower seems suspiciously cheap for a reasonable standard of quality.

    A fairly good (though not extensive) list of makers can be found at

    A few that I personally would recommend are HeadOverTails, don't hug cacti, Mixed Candy, Arend Studios and lastly a very promising one from NewZeland FurgenStudios

    Alternatively you can browse through the fursuit database and look at suit styles filtered by maker, it may be worth doing so in order to find a style you like.

    If you purchase from outside your country you'll also need to take import fees into account, Faux fur of any quality is regarded as a luxury item and therefore taxable in most countries.

    I paid an additional 70 in tax after commissioning a Canadian maker for mine.

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    Also if you want, do what I did and find a suit off of Furbuy, furbid, or the dealersden. All great furry auction sites that offer cheap premade suits. Some ranging from Brand new to Used only a few times.

    My suit was brand new, never worn and i could not love it more.

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    A fur from the danish community advised me to look at these fursuit makers. These makers are known to make good quality, and not run tired during the building process.

    I was advised NOT to go to Lions of the sun, and One Fur All. This is due to bad experience in the past.

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    Never pay all up front check live journal fursuit and artist beware.

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    One thing I didn't see mentioned is that if you do hire a new one built for you, expect it to take, on average, 1 year before you receive it. The builder should provide an estimated delivery date (and hopefully stick to it), but realistically most of the well-known builders are about a year out from completing new commissions. So if you were hoping to get one for a convention that's just a few months away, you may want to take the advice of finding something already made.

    Good luck!

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