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Thread: Report on my first cloth diapers...

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    Default Report on my first cloth diapers...

    I think I might have found the most awesome thing in the world!

    Thanks to my superb sewing skills and some free time where I had the house to myself, I finally managed to not only sew some cloth diapers but also actually try cloth diapers out for the first time.

    I wore them for almost 3 days exclusively, and it was possibly the best thing ever. They were so warm in this cold weather which was nice and I was surprised to find that even with three or so layers on, plus the plastic pants, they weren't at all bulky or stopped me from doing anything I wanted to do, even going on a bike and running.

    I'm planning now to make some all-in-one diapers so I can wear them more often and a bit more easily than the fiddly safety-pinned ones I was wearing.

    Either way, I'm a cloth convert!

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    Awesome! I made my own cloth diapers and loved them.

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    makes me wish I'd made more than the 8 or so I did. OK, they did their job but it seemed that I was forever doing washing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyBass View Post
    Either way, I'm a cloth convert!
    Very cool! It would be fun to see what you've made!

    Out of curiosity, did you use an existing pattern or design your own? My sewing skills are terrible, but I've several times thought about buying a bunch of large vintage flats (for toddlers) and interleaving them to create adult-sized prefolds. How hard could it be?

    I can understand wanting to ditch pins, although I personally love them. Some smaller adults have luck with Snappi fasteners. If you don't hate the plastic pants and simply want to rid yourself of pins, that might be something to try.

    Enjoy the cloth! If circumstances allowed, I would wear cloth much more often.

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