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Thread: Masturbation: How often is too often?

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    Default Masturbation: How often is too often?

    I apologize in advance for the inappropriateness of this thread. I find that I masturbate about twice a week. Is this normal?

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    There is an old saying "Once a king, always a king, but once a Knight is enough"

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    Probably on the low side of normal. But then I'm judging by my own habits. I probably average some sort of release (if the wife doesn't do it, then I do it myself...) once daily and I don't think that's excessive.

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    I will sum up and relay my father's uncomfortably given advice when he sat me down for the talk. "If it starts to hurt, you're doing it too much." Sometimes I went a bit past that line but I've found it to be a sound guideline.

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    Depending on your age, it can vary, but once daily is fine.
    But really, it can be difficult to define what constitutes 'masturbation'.
    Is it every time you fondle yourself for even a second, through your clothes?
    Is it when you work it from beginning to end, and get all moan-y and have to change the sheets?
    Strictly speaking, for ABDLs, you could define every second we spend padded as masturbation.

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    There is no "too much" your bits may become so sensitive that doing it more often is no fun but hurts but even if you pass that line it won't harm you. I've had times where I did it at least twice a day and I'm still going strong, I'm still not blind and it has not harmed me so twice a week sounds fine.

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    there is no real "normal" i do it once a day most of the time but i knew some one my age who claims he never has and i know some one who dated a guy who claims he did it over ten times in one day

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    As much as you want, just watch your wrist and make sure that doesnt start hurting, I really think thats the only thing you can hurt by doing it alot.

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    If a little flag pops out that says "Bang" you have done it too much.

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    If i don't do it once a day i get to pent up and start to go crazy. If i go over 3 times a day I start to ether rub myself raw. Or after to many times it starts to play with my emotions a bit. Going to the supper happy of edging and back down enough in a day can be a bit much. Doesn't mean I don't often do so many times a day when I have the time.

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