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Thread: Quick l'il intro...

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    Default Quick l'il intro...

    Hey everybody!

    I can't believe I didn't find this place sooner... I saw a link to here the other day on DailyDiapers, and after looking around a bit, decided that I've gotta join in the fun. Nice to see some good intellectual conversation!

    Hmm, about me...

    I go by a few names elsewhere... I'm Diaperjason on ABY and RUPadded, Diaperjay over at DB, and Jay-in-Pampers on DailyDiapers. I'm 25, a dude, and live about a half hour north of Boston. I live with my loving partner of about 2 years that I met on DB, who is also into the diaper thing.

    I'm very active with ABDL stuff. I've met a few hundred ABDL peeps from all over the US, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Since diving in head first into the scene a few years ago I've hosted somewhere around 40 ABDL events... Things ranging from cookouts here at the house, camping trips, dinners out, trips to car shows, skiing/snowboarding, Six Flags, beach days... All kinds of stuff. Most of the shindigs I've planned, while involving friends that are into diapers, are more about buddies getting together for fun than just running around bare-butt in a diaper with other people.

    I'm more of a DL myself, but love to wear sleepers and use the occasional paci. I'm not much for roleplaying or anything like that, and the diaper thing is much more emotional (and social) than sexual for me. Favorite diapers are Secure X-Pluses, Tena Slip Maxis, Goodnites, and Cruisers 7s.

    As far as non-diaper stuff, I'm HUGE into cars (they run my life and wallet, lol), I'm a big home theater buff, dabble with computers and Linux, and like to snowboard and wakeboard. I love to do home improvement-y stuff around the house, and am a home automation tinkerer as well.

    I decided to join up here mainly to jump into the great convos you all have going on, but also to possibly meet some more adult friends from my area... Can never have enough friends. Anyways, hope to meet some great peeps here!



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    Hey, welcome to ADISC. This site is a lot of fun so jump into the conversations. There are a lot of nice people here too, so it shouldn't take too much effort to get involved here. I hope you enjoy yourself.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy the forums and stuff. Everyone's pretty nice here. Feel free to drop me a line if you want to talk :] See you around.

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    Hey! Welcome . Looks like you'll be an active member here, so have fun!

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    Welcome on board! Jeez, everyone's gonna fall through the floor by Christmas at this rate with all these new faces showing up! But it's always good to see a new face. :-)

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    Welcome to the site, your introduction was alot more interesting than others (more detail)

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