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Thread: Got my Fabines!

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    Default Got my Fabines!

    XD Actually I got them tuesday so I'm a bit late I got 100 of them. But my first impression of them was "They'e kinda thin." But after testing them I see that they swell a ton.

    See test here
    Fabines Exclusive diapers, Independent absorbency test. - YouTube

    They are really the diapers they claimed to be holding at least 1 gallon of water plus I added what I thought was 1 pint.

    The tapes on them don't seem like they'll hold it completely full but I haven't tested that. I wish they would have made them with 2 tapes like the ABUs and Cushies, because they fit me better and those tape are super strong.

    Most 4 tape diapers (Excluding Dry 24/7s) usually eventually end up with one of the bottom tapes rolling under near the leg-hole and a sharp corner starts poking my thigh.

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    Is it your video? If so, I have to say it was a great video, and enjoyed watching it. You looked like a kid in a candy store lol.

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    They do look pretty cool I'll have to try them, although I don't think I will be able to use them to their full potential unless I get a full weekend to myself

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    A nice test, a furiend gave me a few of those that he bought last year, they are the large ones though and with me being a medium. Well, I will have to try them. In the U.K. Tena Slip maxi medium do hold a lot, but nothing like the Favines.

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    Gave them my first good wetting all afternoon and they're definitely different. They must have a huge sap ratio, the diaper feels like a mass of rubber where it's wet. It's a very strange feeling. Fit remains very good even after very extended wear on the lower tapes, the diaper material down there just does not stretch over time. The top tapes were moved in once and have not needed to be moved again either. Feels very dry. Tapes are a little smaller than average but are very sticky and the retape panel works like it should.

    So if you're looking for a diaper that keeps you as absolutely dry as possible, this is probably it. Massive capacity, maximum sap, all day leakproof fit. Wish they were cheaper.

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    We need a 24 hour pee report, and if at all possable a 42 hour pee report, if someone is up to it.

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    Upwards of $300 for a case. Good Lord. You're wearing a damn gaming console bundle around your waist when you think about it. Eh. Pass. You can score some crazy deals on Craigslist that blows this out of the water.

    All this on top of the fact I'm still erked by them including their website url on the actual diaper. When I'm already paying them high profit dollar and they want to make a advertisement out of me, that just doesn't fly with me. My ocd is bad enough as it is and that would drive me insane.

    Thanks for the upload though. A fun little test that I'm sure some people here will be thankful for even if we're happy in our cheap little bastard ways.

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    gave my fabines their first good wetting last night, wow those certainly do swell up! so much sap. but I'm still a bit nervous about how well they will wick to the back etc, especially with a flood. The lower tapes somehow do not stretch, I think the material in that area is thicker plastic, so at least the legs stay snug, that should help.

    I also had an issue with a top tape popping off overnight and had to refasten it, due to the front swelling up so much I think.

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