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Thread: Childhood Bedwetting – Was I the Only One

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    Default Childhood Bedwetting – Was I the Only One

    Like many, during my first few years I wet the bed most nights. Didn’t last that long for me, I became dry in my ninth year. Seems most hate bed-wetting in their youth only to later develop a liking for it. Wasn’t that way for me. Although embarrassed and shamed, I have early memories of admiring the stain in my bed and/or diapers. Above all the smell, for some reason I simply loved the aroma. Sometimes I even did it on purpose. Was I the only one, did anyone else enjoy bed-wetting as a child?

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    I used to pee a little careful not to soak the bed as a teenager, but I never had a problem with accidental wetting.

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    I can remember being in daytime nappies but not at night; I always seem to have slept on a pee blanket as I've always wet my bed.

    I can't remember a time when I didn't wet deliberately, it was a nice feeling but I knew it was naughty. It got attention and by about four I knew it was a way of getting at Mum.

    My first term at boarding school there were about five regular bedwetters in the dorm and when we got up to go and wash I'd hang back and secretly try to feel other boys beds to see if mine was wettest.

    I don't think anybody at school has ever been cross about bedwetting, but if you did wet but didn't take your pee blanket to the wash and matron found out, she is always very angry. She says it's because it makes the dorm stink, but if there is a bedwetter in a dorm there is always an airfresh, but like you say, I like the smell, especially when it is warm and fresh.

    This term I am head of a dorm of boys who still do it sometimes and another one who likes to wet his bed every night like me and sometimes we do it together.

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    I loved wetting the bed, even after I got cold. It feels so relaxing, and my parents never got mad, they simply started making me wear Goodnites, which is even better.

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    i loved it as a kid. i wet the bed untill i was 15. after i stopped having accidents i missed my goodnites so i started wetting on purpose so i could be put back in goodnites. i loved wearing a wet goodnite. i dont remember when i hated waking up wet

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    In my story "Coffee Stop" my protagonist talks about wetting just a little at night, but that everything had to be dry by morning so his mom wouldn't find out. That of course was a true story, my story. Most of his accounts of being a child are my true stories. There are a few changes to make the story work, but the intent is real.

    When I was older and on my own, I would wet the bed on purpose. It drove me crazy! I personally, love to be wet. As a little kid, I also enjoyed the smell of pee. There would always be younger kids in the neighborhood, and if they wet themselves, it made me so jealous. Everything about it turned me on. Mind you, this was when I was grade school age.

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    I wet the bed every night until I was 17, and on and off until I was 19. I used to hate wetting the bed until my parents gave me the option of wearing depends when I was 13. Then I loved waking up with a wet diaper, but hated that I had a bed wetting problem due to the fact that I was always afraid of going to over night social events.

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    I remember wetting the bed exactly once. I was probably seven or eight years old. Of course, when I woke up, I knew immediately what had happened and was totally freaked out. I remember telling my mom that I'd gotten sick and thrown up on my bed, which was obviously a lie because my whole room smelled like pee. Hey, I was young and stupid. And scared! I don't remember getting scolded, even for the lie, and I don't think I ever wet the bed again.

    Interestingly, this was just a little after I'd started experimenting with wearing diapers, but I don't think the two have any connection. I certainly don't remember ever putting on a diaper for fear I'd wet the bed, or anything like that. (Although that might have been a great excuse at the time!)

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    I too was a bed wetter started at age 13 1/2 in autumn Still am. And it even got worse and worse gradually and it sucked for me that I am a bed wetter but after I found you good people. I feel a bit better knowing that I am not alone.
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