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Thread: Hi! from a small town.

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    Default Hi! from a small town.

    Lo! i come from a small town......those that come from a small town can understand why I'm not naming it....
    I came here to read stories by other people with my attraction to some things.

    I mostly play mmo's outside of this hobby, WoW EvE DD, ect.

    One day i might like to meet kindred spirits with the same hobbies i have.

    Thanks for reading my wall of text. D.S.

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    Why not name your small town. It's will only narrow your range of possible identities from millions to hundreds.

    Welcome to the place that is here.

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    Welcome, ValFUn! I understand why you don't want to name your small town. I claim Oklahoma City as my location even though I could get a lot more specific. I hope you enjoy the stories, and I invite you in advance to join in on as many conversations as you're willing to have. See you around!

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    welcome i am from a small town as well so i know the feeling

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