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Thread: new here. and travel to australia

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    Default new here. and travel to australia

    Hi. New guy from California here. Going to Sydney and wondering if anyone here knows where I can get tena slip maxi there [removed].

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    Oops just realized we're. Not supposed to meet up. Anyway I still would like to know if tena is available in Sydney ...
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    Hey mate,

    welcome to the forum from South Australia. I'm not sure about the specific slip you're asking for as I never used it, but generally all the pharmacies in Australia I've seen so far carry Tena products. So I wouldn't worry about that. I hope you'll enjoy Sydney, it's not a bad joint. However, I'd suggest you'll get a 4WD and a swag and have a look at the Outback, much more interesting than the cities.


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    The maxi is a fairly difficulty item to find it seems in Aus. Let me know if you cant find it locally to yourself as I may well be able to assist

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    See if there is a pulse pharmacy, the one near me sells the maxi.

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    Try going to Independence Australia. They have EVERYTHING! There should be a store in each state. I recommend you check there.

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    Yeah, the Maxi range is a rare product in Aus, heaven knows I've searched Canberra for them .

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    hi Olorin!
    I love tena slip maxis also!

    I heard they are easy to find throughout europe.
    I think in the US we have to find them online somehow.

    welcome to ADISC! And how did you ever get the first Tena Slip Maxis to try on anyway?

    - Will

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    Independence Australia will be your best bet. Although I know down here in Melbourne some of the chemist warehouses do sell the tena maxi...although its pretty lucky if you find them. Good luck!

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