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    Cool Hello

    Hello, first I'm 19 years old and I leave near of Montreal. I started to love diapers 7 years ago went I stoped to wet my bed. I wore diapers each night until 11 years old but I didn't know that I loved that.. That's when I stopped wetting my bed that I realized that I liked it and I missed it. I love the softness and feel layered. My favorite diapers are Abena x-plus and Supreme Lille maxi that I have been able to find it in a medical store. I'm not a teen baby but I want to try this a given moment.

    In my personnal life, I'm a butcher in a Supermacket. I'm a student to in computer science. I really like skiing, play hockey and ride on the trail with my mountain bike. I want to register a competition next summer.

    I came here to chat, meet people and read a few stories.

    If you want to know more about me, write me

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    Welcome to ADISC! I hope you like it here!

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    Welcome! I'm 2K11. Here for the same reasons as you, hope we can get on. Age 14 from northern England. One question: what's it actually like wetting the bed (non-intentionally that is) as a EIGHT year old and then was it Goodnites you were wearing?

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    Wet the bed when it's not intentional, is really not pleasant seriously. Yes I wore Goodnites, but sometimes they fled. Awoke in a bed soaked, it's not fun especially when you are alone in this situation. I wanted to have a friend like me where I could have shared but I wore my Goodnites and nobody knew because I often hid. But When I wet my diaper voluntary, it's more fun because you decide, not your bladder .

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