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    hey how did you guys know you were a furry because i think i may be one but i don't really know

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    It comes down to you simply considering yourself a furry.

    If you like furry art, you want to/are creating/have a fursona, or you think being a furry is cool and you think you are one- then you pretty much are.

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    Do you like Anthropomorphic artwork? Can be anything from Animal mascots and or cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, the Disney version of Robin Hood. Do you find yourself wanting to wear a fursuit? When you close doors, do you make sure your tail is out of the way? Do you have a Fursona (an animal version of yourself) Pokemon can be a fursona.

    If you answer yes to any of these questions and want to call yourself a Furry, then you are a Furry.

    Remember that furry is just a label, You can enjoy what the fandom has to offer and not call yourself a furry. For me I have known I have been a fan of Anthro for YEARS! But only until recently have I started calling myself a furry. Personally I love the term. That's really the only reason I call myself one.

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    If you want to be a furry and think you are then you are.
    I knew of the fandom for over 20 years, and tho didn't follow it majorly then I believe I was one before then but didn't know it yet.
    Mostly cause it wasn't a fandom yet.

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