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Thread: New to this need some ideas.

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    Default New to this need some ideas.

    I have been curious about the caretaker side of AB/DL for a while now and have recently got together with someone who is an AB. Can anyone give me some pointers on fun stuff to intergrate a diaper or a changing session into something a bit more fun for him. I really want to get better and develop as his caretaker so we can start mutually enjoying his AB side, I really enjoy it and think he is adorable padded but am stuck on ideas on what to do. So any suggestions would help am still a newbie but wanna help him get as much as he can from his time padded .


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    Just ask him, every ab is different, and therefore every ab will have different wants and needs. For instance he may like cuddling, or maybe he is a playful ab,etc.

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    Ask, and maybe he wants to be always thick padded, or if he loves a soaked diaper, or anything. Everyone is differet. He will happy for you to care enough to ask.

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    Hehe would like to maybe suprise him though, show I am taking an intrest in all this stuff. He does not like messing but likes to pee himself

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    Asking your AB is the best choice. You could try using different diaper rash creams, or powders. I don't consider myself and AB but I thought I would at least try to give you something to go off of. There are so many paths you can choose in taking care of your AB (simple age regressions/age play, or punishments if your AB likes that), so ask him, he'll tell you what he wants and then you variate on those themes. He's probably going to be so excited that you are even taking an active interest that he'll take whatever you want to give him! Have fun with it and don't be afraid to try out new things, let him know its oky to tell you "No" if it detracts from his preferences of his AB side. Like dbtim59 said

    every ab is different

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    I'm ABDL myself, and my new Boyfriend is an AB so we've been talking about all the stuff we should do together...
    ideas I would say are: diaper changes, bath-times, bed-times, playing games and talking to him like baby...
    any of these activities as individual things, or thread them all together for a whole evening :-)
    And yeah - talk before hand. Surprise is nice, but I'm sure your little one will enjoy talking about it, and anticipating what you're gonna do together all day before hand, save the surprises till you know this side of him better ;-)

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    If you're using incontinence diapers maybe surprise him by ordering some AB diapers (Cushies or Bambinos etc)?

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