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Thread: What is a good website to order from?

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    Default What is a good website to order from?

    I'm sure this question has been raised before however I want to know what websites people like ordering diapers from. I'm looking for a website that offers discreet shipping. And will show up as something nondescript on my credit card bill. My parents always look over my credit card bills so I need something that would be easy to explain away.

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    XPmedical has decent prices, but if you are mailing to a PO box, you have to pay extra for shipping. It does show up as XPMedical on the bill tho. It says there is a Paypal option, but i could not figure out how to use Paypal. You could always get a prepaid card from walmart to use, that way no one could check your Statement.

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    Default also sells adult diapers. I got my Abena M3, and M4's today the m3's hold Alot

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    Definitely XP Medical, they have the best prices and free shipping on cases. They are very discreet and ship pretty quickly. I have not experienced a single problem ordering my diapers form them.

    I'm sure if you contact Gary Evans at XP Medical he would be happy to show you how to use the PayPal option. Their customer service is by far the best I've come across.

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    I figured out the paypal when I Ordered from XP. Was a little tricky.
    Bambino is the other place I get for my cute styles, and there really good too. There listed as TBHG as to who it was paid too.

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    I've ordered from Adult Diapers, Incontinence Products, Adult Incontinence Products they ship discretely. Don't know about the credit card part though as I just used paypal.

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