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Thread: Diapers on a Budget

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    Default Diapers on a Budget

    I've noticed that diapers are expensive! Especially the Abenas, Molicares, and Bambinos etc. Does anyone know of a good diaper that won't break the bank?

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    Well there are always the options of the lesser varieties of the brands mentioned such as, Molicare Super Air-Active, Abena Delta-form, and others. I'd say those are your best bets, especially a case of the Delta-forms as these are the same absorbency as M-4's but with slightly more press-out and more diapers/dollar.

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    Attends has some decent, affordable diapers. I especially like the breathable briefs.

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    I wear cloth and that helps my budget and makes my disposable diapers last longer.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I get the attends breathable briefs for $39 for a box of 72. Not bad!

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    On a budget, I prefer Attends Classic or Attends Extended Wear. TENA Classic and TENA Super are good choices too.

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    With the things said about ABU lately not sure if you wana buy from them but,
    Well depending on your size. They have Asure briefs in medium pack that has over 90 diapers for $35 (lesser amounts for bigger sizes)

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    Walgreens certainty briefs with choice of stuffer the briefs run 20 dollars for a 40pack normally

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    I wear cloth and that helps my budget and makes my disposable diapers last longer.
    Calico and I have a similar strategy. I've saved up some, went the cloth diaper/plastic pants route, those can tide you over until you get your disposable diapers that you want instead of always having to settle for whats on sale. That way you can enjoy those more pricey diapers. (Good call Calico)
    Then, you can get more fun in combining the cloth and disposables. Just a thought.

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    ABU fails to ship their items to their customers and answer emails and their phone calls from what I have heard so I have never used them.

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