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    Default Hi everybody!

    Hello, I'm Joel! I'm not really new here, but I never really introduced myself or anything. I'm currently going to college for Computer Science and Video Game Art and work at a convenience store on the campus.

    I'm a TB/DL (AB/DL now from being past 18?), so I like regression and diaper usage. While my username might suggest babyfur; I'm not really one. (Or at least I haven't felt inclined to that yet. The way things go, I can easily believe that furry tendencies would show up in my personality.) I made the username for another site when I was obsessed with wolves...

    I have a lot of hobbies/interests: video games, parkour, writing, reading, and drawing just to name a few. I'm sort of a red mage/jack of all trades, so I tend to try things at least once to see if I'm good at them.
    My favorite hobby would honestly have to be writing, although I don't engage in it very often. I used to write a lot as a kid, so I hope that I do well enough to get published one day. I have a ton of ideas, but rarely tell them to anyone because I get scared that they'll be stolen (not that they are necessarily good enough to be taken anyways).

    In the past I would have come here to read stories, but the support and camaraderie are the truly great reasons to be involved on this site. I'm still searching for how to deal with this fetish and hope that I will get some aid here...

    It's nice to meet you all! =D

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    Welcome to ADISC InfantPup ^^

    That's quite a lot of interests you have there. Any particular video games and books that you like a lot?

    I hope you find the support and the camaraderie you are looking for here. It's a great community, though, so I'm quite hopeful that you'll find what you're looking for

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    Hewo and welcome.
    I tried computer science. Was doing good for a while then it just went way over my head.

    I too like to write but been a while I did anything. Just a lazy BF, DF :P

    Hope you will enjoy it here and find what ya need. ^^

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    Yeah, I actually forgot to put music in my interests too, I listen to just about everything and almost always have my iPod and headphones with me. Florence + the Machine, Celldweller, and Michael Guy Bowman are my current musical favorites.

    My favorite video games would have to be Tales of Symphonia, DDR, Rock Band, most fighting games, and Portal 2. I'm just really eclectic. XD

    As far as books go, I read a lot of sci-fi or fantasy. The Hobbit is definitely my all time favorite book, and The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan currently sits at second.

    I'm sure that i'll get a lot out of being here, the community is truly amazing~

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    Yeah computer science can be really tough at times. I normally start out struggling for a while on the labs and projects until someone helps me out, or the problem suddenly clicks and I understand it. I'm hoping to do more art than actual coding when this is all done...

    It's hard to find the time for writing amidst all the work or distractions, so I completely understand. I tried writing more over the summer and got stuck... which doesn't help either.

    I'm already enjoying it, thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by infantpup View Post
    Tales of Symphonia
    Oh, that's the first RPG I ever got into - I totally loved that game as a teenager. Have a favourite character? I really like Genis (my go-to party was Lloyd, Genis, Raine and Kratos/Zelos). Didn't play the sequel though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Near View Post
    Oh, that's the first RPG I ever got into - I totally loved that game as a teenager. Have a favourite character? I really like Genis (my go-to party was Lloyd, Genis, Raine and Kratos/Zelos). Didn't play the sequel though.
    It's the first RPG I got into as well! It's one of my all-time favorites because of the great story. I always really liked Lloyd as a character, and Sheena would have to be second. (My party pretty much always had Lloyd, Genis, and Raine in it. I always had the unison attack for Prism Stars set up because of the high combo hits in it. The last party slot was normally open, but I think I enjoyed having Presea, Sheena, or Colette filling it.) A friend and I spent so many hours playing that game and getting all the extra things, like the titles that gave players different outfits and the bonus weapons. (The Abyssion fight for the demonic weapons was really tough!)

    The sequel was... alright. They changed the unison system and added a weird element combination requirement to it. The original cast did show up across the game, which was nice; but they were treated as secondary characters and only went up to level 50. The game also had a pretty cool taming system that let you put monsters in your party! Although I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as the first, it did okay as a sequel.

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