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Thread: What to do with an XML file?

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    Default What to do with an XML file?

    I have a bunch of XML files. Backed up e-mails, conversations, and stuff. Is there any way to make these files more.... normal? They just aren't very readable in their current form. Is there something that can convert them to something readable, or read the coding, or something? Maybe something that makes them look like neat text files, maybe?

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    Right click the file, scroll down to open with, select notepad, and then you can view the code.

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    Yeah, I know that, but....
    I don't want to view the code. I don't want the code. It's annoying... what am I supposed to do with it?
    I just want to be able to read the stuff normally.

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    Depends largely on the data. XML is (by design) a data format for representing arbitrary data. There are many generic XML readers out there, but they will generally just provide syntax highlighting and maybe some navigation features.

    The key would be to look at what program generated the XML in the first place. Near the top of the file there should (.. but not always) be a DTD line, which is essentially a definition of the format the XML should take. It can often provide clues as to what program created it. Some are even generic standards that can be opened with a variety of programs.

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    Would add to my previous post: some programs will let you view XML files they generated in a fairly stand alone manner. Others treat the files as backups and will require you to "import" them into your current data set, which can have all sorts of consequences so make sure you understand them before clicking.. or at least make backups first.. or do in a vm if really paranoid

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    Some were created by backing up private messages on ADISC and other forums, some are emails from a few years ago, and some are SMS text backups. I would have picked another format, but I know the SMS backup app only saves to XML.

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    For the private messages, those would be in vBulletin's own format. There's something out there called "vBulletin PM Reader" which might do the trick for you, but I've never used it myself so can't vouch for it.

    The emails depends on the client. Same for the SMS messages.

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    Thanks! I hope there is something like that for SMS Backup & Restore, The app (android app) can read the backups on the phone, but I wonder if there is a thing to read them on the computer?

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