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    Just bought the blue rocketship/space footed sleeper from Target. Large was a bit too tight so I went with the extra large, glad they have such a big size =). Who else has gotten these?

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    I wish Target was in Quebec, we don't have them here and even if they purchased Zellers recently (a similar store) they didn't plan on having Target in Quebec, only on the rest of the Canada mostly. We can't find sleepers in Zellers to my own experience, but maybe I should check again, since we are near the winter maybe they stock up on this kind of stuff.

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    I got the rocket ship ones last week. I have to get XL but they fit comfy on me. This years designs didn't really interest me much.

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    It looks like they have added two new ones to the website since I was checking every day back in september. A gray one and a green one, they look really nice; better than the other prints this year which have been a little dissapointing. I should have bought some last year when the prints were awsome. I'm glad you like the XL size which is bigger than any other XL at a department store. Out of curiosity, how much smaller is the L than XL becuase target has other pajamas that are childish but which only come up to size L and I don't know if it is worth buying a smaller size if it wont at least kinda fit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sykmade View Post
    How tall and how much weight can they hold? I'm 6'0'' and 220lbs
    I fit in a XL. I am 5' 8-9" weigh like 150-160lbs. There not tight on me but a comfortable snug with a tiny bit of extra room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sykmade View Post
    How tall and how much weight can they hold? I'm 6'0'' and 220lbs
    I am about the same size and have busted the zippers on two pairs. I can fit into them... barely, but i can barely move in them and it is really tight around the chest, one wrong move and pop goes the zipper. So sadly i have to try the ebay option. I think i am going to get these.

    Baby MONKEYS & Bananas Adult Footed M RED Pajamas Soft FLEECE New | eBay

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    They are sale today for buy one get one 50% off so im planning on 6 more. They fit perfect everywhere on me im 5'5 and 157lbs with a 32-33in waist except for the feet which are too big and the thigs are a little tight but i have 25in thigs from biking. I use xl sizing. BTW if anyone is into camo they have it this year I just wish it was a acu pattern

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