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Thread: wearing 2 abri form x plus

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    Default wearing 2 abri form x plus

    i decided to experiment by wearing 2 abro form x plus nappies. i cut slits in the first one. i expected this combination to last double the amount of time that 1 abri x plus lasts. which would be about 20 hours. the fact is after about 14 hours it started to leak, what have i done wrong? i can clearly see that the 2nd nappy has only been used a little so i know it is not full.

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    i don't know the construction of the abriforms, but the slits might have not been big or deep enough. sounds like you filled up the first one but nothing trickled down to the second diaper.

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    Yep, I'll second that.
    WHere the hell in the UK did you get those? :P

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    i get them from dorset nursing 22.77for a case of 3 bags containing 14 nappies 42 nappies in total. i cut many slits that went through the plastic backing.

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    Not bad price. I get mine from Save in Germany (SaveExpress | Sanitaetsfachhandel Save Express Oliver Weidlich Sanitaetshaus). Discrete packaging and AB/TB/DL aware company. Last order worked out at about 27 for 3 bags, though postage on top is quite a bit. Can't tell exactly what as I ordered some Tena and Harmony as well and postage for the lot was 12.

    However if you want a huge selection, Save has nearly everything!

    Anyway, as for leaks. Problem I find with diapers is that the liquid doesn't tend to go the way you think. It's probably not making it to the holes you made, and I wouldn't assume that once the inner one is soaked it will soak through to the outer. It will find the easiest route first which will be the sides.

    Also, Abri's fall apart internally I find when very wet so it may have clumped up around the holes you made. Whilst I like Abri for holding a lot, I don't think they are as great as people say because of the way they fall apart. Especially compared to Tena and Harmony which hold together great (and smell much better).

    But, I would say that I can usually get an Abri to last 24 hours. Just don't flood too much. Go whenever you need to and try to forget about them. Again though, they smell too much for my liking. Really they need to be changed in half the time, even if not full (which seems a waste).

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    A lot of times when layering on multiple thick diapers you will get leaks around the edges. The padding in diapers like X-Plus is so super absorbant that it probably won't pass anything through to the second diaper for a long time. If you are using two diapers of the same size you are going to get edge leaks where the outer diaper just doesn't completely cover up the inner one.

    If I may suggest, you should try it again sometime and make sure the outer diaper is one size larger so that it will give you total coverage of the inner one.

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    I also have had this problem in the experimentation with 2 abriforms. I came to the same conclusion that LuvsGurl is suggesting as well. Try again with a larger diaper on the outside. Also like everyone else has stated as well make sure your tears are deep enough to transfer into the 2nd one. The larger/smaller fit is what fixed the issue for me. I was a 24+ hour single diaper user once I figured this one out.

    Good Luck to you.

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    I have doubled up on Abena x plus and I can say, they can make you look very thick and make you waddle too.

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    Beats me why people have to layer their diapers, especially diapers like Abriforms that are quite thick themselves already.

    Why not just change when the first diaper is wet and put on a dry new diaper? You'll be able to use the second diaper's capacity a lot better, get a chance to clean your skin during the change and remove the germs that have already developed in your first wet diaper.


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    the point is that they are so much thicker, like 2 diapers...

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