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    Oh look, it's another one of these topics again. But since a whole case of diapers actually doesn't fit me like it used to, I am keen on getting rid of fat. What's possibly the best way of burning off tons of calories, so that my body isn't so big? Gastric bypass is NOT an option, as I'm not -that- fat, really.

    I used to be 155 pounds about a couple years ago, but since then, I'm now at around 200, and went up several inches in waist size, if that helps. I'd rather have a more descriptive solution than just simply typing, "Exercise..." Well, what kind of exercise? Just any at all?

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    I have had pretty good success with a simple philosophy, eat less, move more.

    Cut out all soda, and all junk food, eat more (but smaller) meals per day. Try to pick things that are lower in fat content (check labels for saturated and trans fat and try to consume as little of it as possible). If you eat one big meal a day your body will think it's starving for the rest of the time and store any fat it can.

    The type of exercise that will help you lose weight is cardiovascular, such as walking, swimming, jogging, biking, or basically anything that gets your heart rate up for a sustained period of time. Personally I think walking is the easiest to maintain, just incorporate it into your daily lifestyle (example, park far away from work and walk to and from your car). 20-40 minutes of it per day is enough I've found. I also have a stationary bike I use for 20-30 minutes per day when I can.

    Lastly, losing weight takes time so be patient and do not expect immediate results, in fact rapid weight loss is very unhealthy. You should be prepared for a permanent life style change not just a temporary thing, and depending on how much weight you intend to lose, it could take well over a year to reach your target.
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    Something that worked for me and i didn't even mean for it to... was getting a 3rd shift (over night) job.

    Seriously. I think it is because i don't eat at work and i go to bed right after work. Therefore i am not eating within the last 9 hours before i sleep. So i digest all of what i eat during the day and burn nothing but fat at night. I still eat the same crap i used to and am still as lazy as i used to be, but because of my eat/work/sleep schedule i have lost about 35 pounds this year without even trying.

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    Running is good for weight loss. But you should monitor the measurements rather than the weight because as you exercise your muscle mass will increase and so your weight won't drop as much as you would expect.

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    Diet and Exercise work 100 percent of the time, 12 percent of the time, meaning that 12 percent of people can stick with diet and exercise long enough to get results. Really, the whole point is to burn more calories than you take in. Don't go more than 1,000 calories less than your daily need, as that is really unhealthy, but 500 less is reasonably doable. If you eat a lot of junk food, cut back on that and you'll probably do it without too much work, but that said, I prefer technology. It's really easy to eat a lot of calories given our present portion sizes and food options, so start actually doing the work of reading those packages, and get a program for your smartphone or something and track what you eat. You'll find at first that you'll be taking down a lot of calories without even trying.

    As for good exercise, intense cycling is amongst the best, as is swimming. Running will burn a lot of calories as well, but it's very hard on the knees. Rock climbing (and/or gym climbing) is actually also a surprisingly good way to burn a lot of calories. Also, try to vary it up a bit every so often. Muscle confusion helps keep you making progress.

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    a simple way to burn more whenever you go?

    Whenever you would walk, such as in stores, down the hall, POWERWALK. Burns more calories and gets you places faster
    WHen you drive to the store, dont park in the closest spot, go a ways out.
    Take the stairs whenever possible
    when you take the stairs, run up stairs as fast as you can (kinda dangerours to go down as fast as you can)
    Then of course there is working out and whatnot. You could always get some program from, some video you can do in your home, just browse and see which one fits you best.
    Start running, there are apps on the appstore like Couch to 5k, that help you start running and get you in shape,
    Join a Gym, and get advise from people there.

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    If you have a gym membership and are looking to burn off calories, a Rowing Machine is actually the way to go. It is surprising, but an hour on a rowing machine can burn off over 3000 calories. In comparison, you burn about 1/3 of that for the same amount of time on a treadmill. Also, another handy trick: It is not what you eat, but how much you eat. You don't have to eat salad for every meal, so long as you eat a reasonable portion. In that same light, salad isn't necessarily good if you have a gallon of dressing and a pound of croutons and cheese on it.

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    what i do to stay really thin is just to walk where you normally wouldn't. you don't even have to exercise all that much, just walk to more places.
    if you're bored one day, instead of getting on your computer (or doing something like that), just go for a walk.

    if you have a lot of spare time, you could take up a hobby. roller blading, skateboarding, etc.

    the thing about weight loss is that you can't really lose weight and then stop whatever you were doing to lose it. you have to make that activity part of your daily lifestyle. that's why a lot of diets don't really work- because if you eat only celery for 5 months (ridiculous, yes. just making a point) then you might lose 169 pounds, but when you start eating real food again, you're going to gain back all that weight and probably a little more.

    if you want something really easy, then instead of having a snack like chips, get a stalk of celery and dip it in a jar of peanut butter. very healthy, and not a lot of calories. (celery has a close to 0 calorie count)

    edit: you have to choose something that you enjoy eating. if you absolutely hate celery, then do something else.
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    6 Fitness Tips Everyone's Heard (That Don't Work at All) |
    That is from a comedy website, but it actually has a lot of good advice for getting fit.

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    About four years ago I was 225. Now I'm 180.

    I cut carbs and starchy food in half like like potatoes and rice. Of course drinking water instead of soda etc.. Recently I came across has a low carb page with all sorts of receipes.

    I also began walking about 20 minutes a day. I invested in a treadmill so when it's raining or just cold, I can use it whenever I want. I do the tmill about 25 to 30 minutes a day.

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