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    Hi, I joined this site a few years ago, but did not become active in it. I started to like diapers when I was 9 and my mother diapered me one night for pooping my pants one time too many. I didn't resist and remember the diaper being kind of comfortable. After that I would diaper myself often (never was caught). I now wear diapers almost 24/7 as I am diabetic and find it hard to make it to the bathroom sometimes when I am working (courier).

    I was a fairly active member of the HSX diaper forum on Compuserve in the 90s.

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    Welcome aboard.

    As a rule we all ready assume you're into diapers somehow. The intro should give us more info like what your hobbies are, what kind of music you like, etc.

    You've told us you're a courier, which is cool. I could see diapers being super useful in that position and I'm all to familiar with having a hard time making it to the bathroom as I live in a tourist town. Halloween is the major epicenter of our tourist industry, which means if there's a bathroom located anywhere that isn't a major chain resturaunt then you're only allowed to use it if you're a customer.

    Boston is very much the same. So unless I'm going to be in an area where I know where every bathroom is, I either scale back on the liquids or I wear a diaper.

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    Ok, a little more about me. I like "old time rock 'n' roll" (50's and 60's), show tunes, and some country music. I enjoy reading and while driving listen to audio books. I like to bowl, but my doctor told me I really shouldn't because of my back.
    I am married and my wife knows about the diapers, but doesn't participate. Was in the Army for 22 years (Indirect Fire Infantry (mortars) and Combat Engineer.
    Guess that's all for now.

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