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Thread: Have you ever felt you missed a great opportunity in your DL/AB-related life?

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    Default Have you ever felt you missed a great opportunity in your DL/AB-related life?

    I pose this question because I feel like I may have missed a possible opportunity to have a friend also a DL friend.
    When I was around 10 I was playing at my friends house in the snow that was like 4 feet deep around his house . At one point I had to pee but I tried to hold it because, being a kid, going in and taking off a snow suit to pee was a hassle. It got to the point, however where I could no longer wait so as I waded through the waist-high snow to his house, it all flowed out.
    Back in his house we were changing out of our wet cloths in his room and there was a stack of his little brother's diapers in the corner. So I said, "I'll try one on if you do." He agreed and put one on. At that point I was so giddy and began to strap mine on, suddenly, my friend's mom's voice called, saying my mom was there to pick me up. Instantly I dropped the diaper and pulled up the sweat pants my friend had lent me and headed down stairs.
    The very next day I hung out with him again and asked him how it went with the diaper. He smiled and said he had even worn it to bed that night. I laughed and looked at the pack of diapers again. I was sooo tempted to ask him if he wanted to wear them again since I never got the chance but I got worried that he'd definitely see my desire to wear more than just a fun dare, so I didn't and I never brought it up again.
    Looking back on that . . . how he said he had worn it that night without that even being part of the dare, I really wonder if I could have gotten him to like them; but now I'll never know.

    Anyone have a similar experience?

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    When I was 12 I went to a friends house and he had dolls and teddies on his bed and an obvious plastic crackly sheet. His closet was open and he had was definately a young girls dress in there. On the floor in the corner was a pair of plastic pants with an obviously wet nappy in it. I was so surprised I said nothing. I was in nappies mysefl at that age and it was known. I thought my sissy side was hidden but perhaps not. He was home alone which was weird to me since it was an era when kids were never alone.

    I dont know if I missed an opportunity to share with a boy like me or not. he moved several months later and I never found out. If Id been only 2 years older I probably would have said soemthing.

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