HIIII!! I'm new here (obviously lol) ill try and go down the tutorial list as best I can.

I'm a Adult Baby kinda / diaper lover I'm also a bedwetter as of last year or so prior to that I had 5 dry years so I'm familiar to bedwetting I don't mind it all that much since I'm not new to it :-D. I am a Very happy kinda guy I like to mess around every once awhile with friends such as pulling pranks or stunts lol I am a paintball reff wont say where though and I like going out and paintballing on the weekends so yah :-D

I just thought that I would say I have my FIRST Onesie coming in the mail from Mommy's Baby Pants aswell as my first pair of plastic pants(from mommys baby pants)and Sample pack of ABU Cushies and a sample Pack of ABU Super Dry kids