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Thread: Diaper IDea Baby brand diapers to FOR ADULTS AN TEENS

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    Lightbulb Diaper IDea Baby brand diapers to FOR ADULTS AN TEENS

    What if Huggies, Luvs and Pampers made Adult and teen versons of there baby diapers. Because not all people can still fit into the baby versons. Imagin this, Pampers Cruisers in the perfect size for teens and adults! Whats your opinion.,

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    Mass consumer outrage.. probably some mother on CNN screaming.. huge profit drops.. and probably some very angry shareholders.

    Much as I'd like to see it, any of those companies would have to be brain dead to try it. Huge risk, bad PR, and a very small market.

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    Lol Ive actually made a thread about this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by youngbear9 View Post
    Lol Ive actually made a thread about this:
    O srry didn't mean to copy

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLteen96 View Post
    O srry didn't mean to copy
    Lol no problem

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    This will unfortunatly never happen because pampers makes baby diapers. They would go into the adult market and if they did it would be plain white. Many people would criticize them for making baby printed teen/adult diapers.

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    While possible, you would NEVER see an adult pampers commercial.. simply not happening, unless, say, pampers took over Depends :LOL: I can see a commercial tho, some cross between the depends and pampers.. first , show baby in cruisers.. then see Little Ol Lady (LOL) putting on a Pampers cruiser (adult size) for those still active adult active diaper wearers... not more than 20% of the adult diaper market my my figuring. other than that, If we are a big enough segment of the market, they would possibly produce.. but don't expect advertising...

    Still waiting on that bag of Fabine diapers I ordered last June.

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    As Nam Repaid mentioned, we already have a thread on this located here, so I am closing this thread.

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